1920 : Creation of FAURE ET FILS firm. Situated in the PARC INDUSTRIEL DE LA RIVIERE DE MANSAC near BRIVE LA GAILLARDE ( CORREZE). It is specialized in designing and manufacturing of hinges for wood joineries.

Until the end of the seventies, the Faure et Fils firm is famous for its hight quality products on the market, particularly thanks to the famous "PICARDE hinge.

In 1986, the Firm finds a new breath, undertaking the building of the "ELECTRIC PAUMELLERIE", ", one of the most important firms in CORREZE.
This firm, created in 1904, situated not very far from FAURE ET FILS firm is specialized in the manufacturing of hinges for building. At the beginning of the eighties, it belongs to a group of several firms and develops its activity with industrial car bodies

It employs more than 1000 people when serious social problems happened in 1985 and the firm is demanteled.

The FAURE ET FILS firm then buys the building, the brands and certificates of the "ELECTRIC PAUMELLERIE" as well as a part of its stocks and equipment.
FAURE ET FISL, which has already improved the range for wood, since the middle of the eighties, offers now an increasing range of weldable products.

Since that period, FAURE ET FILS has kept on looking for new technical solutions for the products going, but has also shown new products, always designed according to the demands.
FAURE & FILS today

It is a complete range of hinges for wood and steel, represented by trademarks :




and products famously known by professionals :


It is a modern adaptable manufacture, very well managed :
- 15 transferts of automatic steel/inox machining
- 1 transfert of alu machining
- 29 mechanical presses (from 15 to 250 tons)
- 2 automatic welders
- 5 perforating beds
- 2 horizontal millers
- 4 drawing out tables (from 9 to 33 tons)
- 2 scew-cutting lathes
- 1 granulating tunnel.

The whole is managed by a modern informatic equipment. The "savoir faire" guarantees a hight quality to our customers. FAURE ET FILS 's aim is to

It is a design office to customers (industrials, dealers, crafsmen...) for any demands concerning special products from plans of articles made out by cold deformation ((cutting, stamping, machining in small, medium and wide range in most colours of metal, steel, stainless steel, alu).

The increasing demands of customers shows the importance of the needs and the notoriety of our abilities.