FAURE ET FILS designs and makes hinges for joiner's work and weldable hinges for metallic section.

Our firm has been specialized for many years in medium and hignt quality manufactured products, fitting them as often as possible with important technical improvements.

Our products are well-known by professionals for their hight quality, for their aesthetic, reliability and technicity.

• You will find in our range extra stong "PICARDE" hinge, with hight capacity of support (ex : top-stairs doors, front doors) available in beautiful finitions, according to your desire :
From the traditionnal finitions : mat nickel, gloss nickel, varnished brass, glass "canon de fusil", aged copper, medal bronze...
Every finition being made by electrolytic treatment, for rustic or refined home arrangements, particularly for noble wood-door frames
To the latest tendances : stainless steel products, chrome plated, colored epoxy finitions, every hinge to fit with handles or materials !
Technics for everyday :
All our products can be fitted with the followings accessoiries :
- ball-bearing,
- adjustable system,
- integrated security to stop hinges off,
- double cranked hinges for overlapping panels...

• The FAURE ET FILS experience allows us to offer products perfectly adapted to iron fitting of metallic joinery :
armored plated doors, technical or simply metallic ones.

A range well known by professionals...
The genuine "MAROC" weldable hinge (the term "MAROC" belongs to FAURE ET FILS) is a very famous product and has been used by locksmiths for more 30 years.

Some others weldable hinges like the gate hinge, the PMS or the NS have been designed to answer to technical demands from various (craftmen, industrials) according to their work habits.
A range well known by its technical and practical aspects :
The contact with these who use our weldable products have led us to develop their technicity. They can be fitted with ballbearings, or adjustable systems.

The product shown above is a spring weldable hinge, made to fit FIRE-BREAK Doors.

• FAURE & FILS offers a range of first-rate anodised alu products to fit with doors.

Choose refined products !

Spring hinges, two way hinges : various colours are proposed. On the market, you cannot find equivalent aesthetics, notable quality !