FAURE ET FILS has developped for more than 15 years many technical habilities to work on metal :
- drawing out,
- rolling,
- milling
- perforating,
- tapping,
- welding...
Our equipment and our experience allows us to propose you the following services :
calculation and study of any demand about products on axis.
elaboration, conception, manufacture of products according to the conditions of contract

Exclusive ironfitting, constraints relevant to :
- weight
- capacity of support
- security
- aesthetics
- quality
- adjusting
- fixing...

Our design office is at your disposal to find the technical solutions you are looking for.

We are now working with a lot of industrials (
manufacturers of door units, technical doors, armour plated doors, industrial bodies and iron works...) as tradesmen but above all as "TECHNICAL PARTNERS".

Don't hesitate ! do call a specialist