A new Technology trend from Faure and Fils....
a large step forward thanks to laser welding technics
Improved flexiblity, increased productivity, better precision.
The use of laser welding gives us the possibility to add new products to our extensive range.
In addition to our standard range of rolled steel Hinges « Picarde » and Renforcée »
Faure and Fils are able to offer the same range but Laser Welded.
The precision and reduced heat source means that the assembly of the flag (cold drawn steel) and the node (cold drawn steel) can be made without distortion.
The dimensional tolerances are held easily, thanks to the regularity of the nodes and the flags, and the strength of the final weld due to a fully automated process.
Soudan Mixed Hinge

La Paumelle Mixte Soudan
has been now for five years the typical exemple of the technical solution brought to the customers ; this weldable hinge shows shape caracteristics in order to make easy its fixing and welding on metallic supports.

The result : easy and quick fixing is guaranted. These advantages have been proved by the success of the " PMS".

It was available in 80.120.140.
According to the demand of several customers, it is now available in 135!

A shape/price ratio which is still better adapted !
The gate rounded ends hinge

Like the MAROC hinge, this is a standart product.

It is machined from a rolled, drawn out, granulated piece and more adapted than the MAROC hinge to ironfit heavy and big gates. That is why it is widely used.

According to the demand of our customers, it is from now available with rounded ends.

Being highly refined, it satisfies those who choose it for its aesthetics (it is in great demand in some regions).